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Psychometric Testing | Personal Profiling - Right Retailing Recruitment |

Right Retailing Recruitment is an agency that sources, assesses and places jobseekers in retail vacancies. We offer you, the jobseeker, individual attention and job placement fitted to your unique personality and skillset – no more job-hunting fuss.

We offer you, the employer, peace of mind, knowing that your potential employee comes to you trained and certified.

A satisfied employer, teamed with a satisfied employee, results in a satisfied customer – everybody wins!

Our services and assessments are as follows:

• Customer service training – An employee with strong interpersonal skills; someone who is polite, efficient and confident; makes any business shine above the rest.

• Personal Profile Analysis full report

• Sample Interview questions based on PPA report and Integrity survey

• Baseline Summary Report

• Literacy tests – The ability to read, write and communicate effectively is crucial to retail administration and customer assistance.

• Numeracy tests – Pricing, stocktaking and balancing cash registers requires accuracy.

• ITC checks – We will go ahead and do a credit check on candidate for you.

• Integrity tests – An employee of good character is integral to business success and customer satisfaction.

• Criminal record checks – We ensure that candidates come with a clean record. Polygraph tests are available too, should they be required.

• Reliable references – Candidates come with two contactable character references.

• Candidate Replacement We also offer employers two free candidate replacement terms and condition apply.