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Aptitude Testing | Academic Testing - Right Retailing Recruitment |

Right Retailing Recruitment– The Future of Hiring

Right Retailing Recruiting is an agency that sources, assesses and places jobseekers in retail vacancies.
We offer you, the jobseeker, individual attention and job placement fitted to your unique personality
and skillset
– no more job hunting fuss.

We offer you, the employer, peace of mind, knowing that your potential employee comes to you
trained and certified. A satisfied employer, teamed with a satisfied employee, results in a satisfied
customer – everybody wins!

At Right Retail Recruiting we go the extra mile offering our unique and beneficial baseline service.
This service will establish your team’s strengths and then compare the results with the candidates.
We do this by having 10 of your top high performance employees complete the same test that we
require our candidates to take. This insightful service is offered as a free service for our clients.

The Baseline – Perfect match to your individualized needs

Employees do best and are happiest when they spend a majority of their time at work doing tasks that come naturally
to them.

At the same time, your organization benefits when employees use their natural talents and characteristics.
In fact, your best employees are almost unquestionably people who have a mix of just the right skills, talents and
personality traits for their particular jobs.

So when you need to hire more employees, where should you look first?
At the successful people you already have on your team.

RRR Baselines tool is a unique aspect of our testing system which allows you to test the employees you have and
pinpoint key traits that help them succeed in a given role.

What does the SA recruitment business look like now?

Aptitude Testing

HR Recruiters have weighed-in from across the
country as to which sources gave them not only the
best quality candidates, but the most successful
sources for placing candidates. Even though internal
referrals and Career pages are on top, agencies still
in the Top3 position when it comes to quality

Academic Testing

When organisations do utilise agencies, they are very
selective on the number of agencies on their preferred
supplier list. Organisations have also become
dictatorial on the recruitment fees they are willing to
pay. The current market average is 11-15% of the
candidate’s CTC per annum. Higher the CTC is higher
the fee becomes.

What do we offer for the same or less price than most
of our competitors?

Most Agencies:

  • Conducted pre-interview and user-friendly CV for candidates
  • Reference checks
  • Occasional basic academic competency assessment
  • Free Replacement Guarantees
  • Pricing tiers based on candidates annual CTC

Right Retailing Recruitment:

  • Conducted pre-interview and user friendly CV for candidates
  • Basic academic competency report
  • Personal Profile Analysis full report
  • Integrity survey
  • Sample Interview questions based on PPA and Integrity report
  • Baseline report – Candidate vs. Company characteristics
  • Reference checks
  • ITC checks
  • Criminal checks on request
  • Criminal checks on request
  • Polygraph report on request
  • Pricing tiers based on the package of information the
    employer wish to receive prior interview
  • iPhone APP with all available candidates

So why not to leave the hard work for us?

We specialize in quality placements in the retail sector with breakthrough pre-screening method, new to the SA job market.
We are delivering fully certified candidates to our third party clients, candidates that are hand picked for the specifications of
our clients.

Do you wanna screen thousands of CV’s and applications or you would rather sit with 5 pre-screened and fully certified
candidates who fit the characteristics traits of your existing and successful teams? You are guaranteed to hire 3 out of 5
candidates we deliver.

Our services include but not limited to the following:

Our services include but not limited to the following:

• Full pre-screening for employment – 3 tier option gives you a vast data concerning all of our candidates

• Apple based App on mobile phones for our clients to get access to all candidates and their background

• Baseline building for clients – every potential candidate is with full Personal Profile Analysis, the traits of characteristics are
compared and matched with the best of your teams’

• PPA for your existing teams

On-line testing environment for basic academic competencies such as numeracy and grammar – use our existing tests
custom made for the SA market, or use our platform to upload your own assignments

Pre-screening process at Right Retailing Recruitment

Below Stats are based on an average month

• Vacancy ads are placed on a job portal (Indeed) – 6 active generic vacancies in CPT and JHB

We receive a total of 1,720 application via Indeed

Automated web link sent to complete on-line assessment (Personality , Integrity , Basic Numeracy and Grammar Tests)

310 applicants (18%) will respond and register on our system

• 141 applicants (45%) will complete assessment

• Candidates getting rejected before personal interviews if they are high risk (Integrity), below average (60% academic
competency), failure on reference or ITC checks, approx. 75 applicants are turned away

Remaining candidates are matched against RRR Baselines (Sales associates, Retail managers, Area managers) – below
average will remain on system but only good or perfect fit will be invited for interview – approx. 40 candidates

Interviewed candidates are compared to hiring clients’ Company Baseline and only candidates with good or perfect fit will
be sent for interview with potential employer

Sit back, relax and let us find the unique fit
you urgently require!