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Pricing |

Service / Product

Full pre-screening

for employment


All of our candidates are fully screened and supplied with the
following supporting documents:

  • Conducted pre-interview and user friendly CV for candidates
  • Basic academic competency full report
  • Personal Profile Analysis full report
  • Integrity survey
  • Sample Interview questions based on PPA report and
    Integrity survey
  • Baseline Summary Report
  • Reference checks
  • ITC checks
  • Criminal checks on request
  • Free replacement guarantee for 3 months (T’s & C’s)
  • Polygraph report on request

All candidate profiles are available for clients via an iPhone App
with basic information and full package of supporting

    • Sales associates – at R5,000 per placement
    • Entry level management (Store and branch managers) –
      at R10,000 per placement
    •  Mid-level management (Multi store managers and Area Managers) – at R15,000 per placement

Pricing / fees

Flat rates per


R5,000 –

R15,000 based

on position

Client Baseline

Building – once off

report combined for

10 existing top


performing employees

This service is offered complimentary to our clients, but if you do not wanna use our hiring services you can still get this very useful tool custom made for your business characteristics.

Employees do best and are happiest when they spend a majority of their time at work doing tasks that come naturally to them.

At the same time, your organization benefits when employees use their natural talents and characteristics. In fact, your best employees are almost unquestionably people who have a mix of just the right skills and personality traits for their particular jobs.

So when you need to hire more employees, where should you look
first? At the successful people you already have on your team.

RRR Baselines tool is a unique aspect of our testing
system which allows you to test the employees you have and
pinpoint key traits that help them succeed in a given role.

Free for clients

or R5,000 per

Baseline report

Personal Profile

Analysis for existing

employees or for

your own


This service is included in our pre-employment screening package for every candidate, but even if you do not want us to assist with your hiring process, you can get this characteristic analysis done for all of your existing employees or your own candidates for your vacancies at a highly competitive price.

We provide you with a full personal profile analysis at a very
competitive price for your existing employees. A tool which is
mainly used for more senior employees in order to assist with
personalised development plans and talent management.

We also offer this service in case you do not wanna make use of our full pre-employment recruitment packages but you want to have a better insight to your candidates’ characteristics based on
the analysis of 20 personality traits and how would they fit the job.

In case of candidates considered for vacancies in your business we offer a complimentary list of sample interview questions, based on the results of the personality analysis.

R1,000 per PPA


On-line basic


competency testing


Many employers require candidates to complete basic academic competency tests such as Numeracy and Grammar before employment is offered.

It can be very time consuming and tiring to conduct these tests via a manual process and still do the evaluation of such tests.

We offer you to have your company competency tests to be uploaded to our system (maximum 20 questions per subject) and set your own benchmark pass rate. We provide you with the link to your company test and you have unlimited access to it. You will be billed based on the number of tests initiated on our system.

We also offer you the option to make use of our existing basic
academic competency tests with the same conditions as above.
These tests are custom made to the SA job market.

No papers printed, no time wasted on evaluation, reports
generated electronically and e-mailed to you immediately upon

Besides basic academics such as Numeracy and Grammar we also have available tests for:

  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Reading comprehension
  • Accounting
  • Logic
  • Clerical
  • Civics
  • Computer combination

We can also build custom made competency tests based on your

R200 per test